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Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)


Eileen has been in education for over 20 years.  She originally began her teaching career as a Primary school teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.  Her career has led her to teaching in international schools, teaching English as a foreign language and special educational needs., including vision impairment.


She has written and successfully implemented a Pre-Formal Curriculum and Assessment package.  It takes an holistic view of pupils and always asks the question: what did they gain from that experience?  It focusses on communication, cognition, self-help and independence and physical skills, reinforcing the importance of multi-sensory approaches to learning and supporting the emotional well-being of pupils.  She believes children can only achieve their personal best when their personal way of learning is understood; offering an array of exciting sensory experiences is the only way to do this.


Eileen is currently an SEN tutor to an amazing child with a great sense of humour! 


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