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Positive Touch and Relaxation


Eileen is fully devoted to promoting the social, educational and emotional well-being of all children, regardless of age and ability, and founded AllOfMeholistic.  It provides children the tools to help them self-regulate, be expressive through creativity and increase their self-confidence.  Sensory sessions, positive touch therapy and relaxation techniques are used.  The session is designed to encourage children to relax, express fears or worries, laugh with their peers and feel valued; to find their inner strength, talk about their dreams and know it’s ok to make mistakes.


Eileen became a certified instructor for Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation after completing the course under the guidance of the wonderful and inspirational Giuliana Wheater  (


Unfortunately over the years Eileen has witnessed more pain and suffering in children.  They absorb the weariness and stress from the people around them.  With the demanding pace of life moving ever faster, quality time within the family is reduced to the annual holiday.  It is hardly surprising that the number of children/teenagers/young adults with mental health disorders is increasing.  Children either don’t feel valued by parents (‘why can’t you do better?’) or they observe parents struggling to do everything and feel overwhelmed.  They take on the worries and concerns of their parents.  


Positive touch and relaxation helps children/teenagers/young adults to recognise triggers, self-regulate and feel a sense of worth.


"When teaching your kids about the concept of respect, teach them of their worth as a person." Claire Stranberg



3 - 18


30 – 60 minutes depending on the age

Number in group

10 max

1:1 on request

Who would benefit from this?

Neurotypical or differently abled children/teenagers/young adults

Content of lesson

Relaxation techniques including massage with stories/songs, storytelling, breathing and meditation.  


Children/teenagers/young adults will respect and love themselves and grow in confidence.  In creating a safe environment,  emotional and  social intelligence grows, which in turn improves cognition.  , 



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Telephone:  07890  486327